Sunday, September 26, 2010

Back in the Land of the Living

Back in San Diego from Vegas after Interbike, and getting my mojo back. Sorta. I'm trying to keep my fitness somewhat intact, and while my swim and run are nowhere, my bike has been solid. It was fun going out with my wife Donna last week for a 90-miler. This Saturday I scaled it back to 66 miles, but the ride was twice as hard, with 105 degree temps and headwinds that were just beating me down... but not Donna.Not sure how the race in Kona will sort out (it's a pretty stacked field, if ya haven't heard), but I do know she'll have a solid bike time if nothing else. Never seen the girl ride stronger. Should be fun to watch her rip it up, coz she loves the heat, and she loves the wind. Pretty ironic, considering she's from the cold climes of St. John's, Newfoundland. The blood has permanently thinned. In fact, while I finish the ride looking like a salt lick, with helmet straps looking like they've been dusted in snow, she has not a bit of salt on her; years of training in the Philippines and Thailand have clearly tempered her body.

With a coming trip to Kona taking place next week, I may file a post or two here (maybe lift this blog off the ground again for a bit!) that may not be cogent or applicable at the LAVA Magazine site.... which is where you'll find a plethora of activities in the days leading up to the Hawaii Ironman on Oct. 9.

BTW, above is a shot of Donna headed up to Ramona, tearing me up Saturday. After a few 5.5hr rides with her, I'm very, VERY familiar with the look of her rear wheel...