Thursday, May 15, 2008

In our last episode...

Sorry for those I left high and dry the last few weeks, I know I've the crack rock of multisport blogs (though my homeboy Brad thinks his is.... what is "testing" beers?). I've simply had a heap of stuff going on. My wife Donna returned from Asia with a cool Ironman China trophy, some coconut-flavored candy and a Cervelo P3C needing a bunch of work. So I've been spending some quality time with she and her parents. Saturday she's boarding the big bird again, this time for TeamTBB's summer camp Leysin, Switzerland. I'm hoping to pack my bike and spend some time with her for a while out there.

The other stuff I've had on is a change of jobs. I've always been a disciple of Dan Empfield and we've always had a great repoire. The flux of events with Falconhead, owner of Triathlete/Inside Triathlon/VeloNews/Competitor Publications/Elite Racing meant that after nine great years, I was going to move on. Such are corporate buyouts.

Fortunately, the move was to greener pastures: The (that is, THE) end-all, be-all website in multisport. It's Dan's ship crafted initially of balsa and built into the current Chrysler Tower it stands as. The forum has been its mainstay, but Dan has built it into a bigger entity, bringing aboard editor Herbert Krabel and tech/resident pro Jordan Rapp to add utility and content.

Then he brought me aboard. I've been in a state of flux the last few weeks, but am getting settled in to start generating some content, to help make it the first place people go when they're looking for results, news, tech, proven rumor, all that. Dan's a journalist and a total word craftsman, something I appreciate in him. I'm looking forward to contributing. I'm jazzed about calling Dan, Herbert, both longtime friends, and Jordan (a new homie) colleagues.

I'll still be contributing to Triathlete, but to a lesser degree.

Now that my bride is headed off to train in the Swiss Alps, I'll catch up on updating this site, training, testing, doing some freelance work (which has let me inside on some new stuff coming to our market that I can't tell you about... just yet) and enjoying stuff like... working from home. Wherever home is... hopefully somewhere in the Swiss Alps in a month!

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