Friday, July 11, 2008

Ironman Switzerland

Been a bit slack, but been a bit busy. The Tour de France was a whirlwind trip, followed by a TGV to Paris, a night there, and a train back to Switzerland.

I posted much of my tech/gear stuff at, so not a lot for me to show here.

I've since moved on to Zurich, doing a bit of kicking around, checking out the scene at Lake Zurich, getting in a little swim with Donna and Rebecca Preston. Other than that, it's been quintuple checking the bike and laying on the hotel room bed, watching the Tour.

Since I have no tech for you just yet, I thought I'd give you this: a journalist (me) photographing another photojournalist (this guy) at the Tour.

I told Donna that they gave me race credentials for the tour "this time" but that I would have to come back with "cool facial hair." She said no. Damn, I wanted to rock this. Oh well, whatever the boss says...

Will have some stuff from Ironman Switzerland... the expo has revealed some gear we North Americans don't get to see a lot of.


MarkyV said...

dude... you wouldn't have a third of that length by tour time next year if you tried. :)

Jay Prasuhn said...

Dude, don't count out facial Propecia. Just because it doesn't work for the top of my head doesn't mean I can't have a long, luxurious mane!