Monday, January 26, 2009

Guess the Part, Win a Prize, Part 2, and a fun bet

OK, I've had a few stabs, but no hits. Jordan Rapp excluded himself and gave up, asking to know what it was. He now knows, but is thus eliminated from grand prize contention.

So I'm sending another shot at a cocked angle. It's a bit soft... sorry, my iPhone sucks for macro shots.Other hints: It is comprised of aluminum, for what it's worth. The hardware with it are what is included in the package, if that gives you any leads.

It is a product in the line of a major aerobar manufacturer. American company. But the product, being as small as it is, is not on their website.... at least I can't find it there.

Before I sign off for now and await some more guesses, I gotta put out there a bet my esteemed colleague Brad Culp and I threw together. We're both racing the first week of April; he at Ironman 70.3 Oceanside, and I at Ironman 70.3 New Orleans. From what I see, Nawlins will be an easier, flatter course. But heat could be a factor, I don't know. Or cold and rain could be a factor in Oceanside. Could go either way.

But none of that matters to Brad, for his ego is larger than the Obama Fan Club. No, he said he will slay my time by more than 45 minutes. He may be faster than I am, but hell, gimme some credit. I figure I will come withing 30 minutes.

So we have a bet: regardless of condition at either race, I come within 45 minutes of Brad's time, and I get a case of beer of my choice. I fall outside it, I owe him a case.

Of course, if you've seen his blog, you know he like to fancy himself some sort of alcohol connoisseur. Of course, I've seen him drink Zima and say "man, this stuff is awesome, bro, especially when you mix it with Red Bull, gimme a glow stick so I can get loose on the dance floor" so I don't give his brew opinion much credence. Zima? Sad.

I'll take his 45 minutes. He may give me a case of beer, but I'm not all taking. I'll buy him a box of cookies to bury his sorrows in.

Interoffice smacktalk prattle off. Let's have some guesses.


Jaakko Hiekkaranta said...

Hi Jay!

That is an aero cable router, right?

Daniel said...

that is the part off hed aerobars that allow you to flip the aerobar pads from horizontal to vertical. Whats it called? flip-lite or something?

either way thats what it is

Anonymous said...

It's from Profile and allows the rider to lower the elbow pads.


TriDave said...

It's a riser for the pads on a HED aero bar.

Second choice would be some piece from a rear water bottle mount from Profile.

It looks threaded...

Jay Prasuhn said...

No on all counts. While it is from an aerobar company, it is not an aerobar part. And one of you just got the manufacturer. And yes, it is threaded inside.

I feel like we're getting closer, guys...

Justin said...

Is it a brake used while in aero position?

Jay Prasuhn said...

Thanks for all the guesses, guys, but we have a winner... see the homepage.