Monday, May 18, 2009

Lance's Giro Long TT bike?

So my friend Alex with SRAM travels with a lot of the SRAM teams and athletes at events. Of course, he's at the Giro with the Astana team, one of his component charges.

Alex also updates his Facebook a bunch with pics. And given his access (that is, "all), he generally has some cool photos. But this one caught my eye:It looks like Lance's TT rig for Thursday's loooong time trial; 61.7 kilometers from Sestri Levante to Riomaggiore. From what I've heard, it's lots of hills—hence a bike that recalls Lance's time at the Alpe d'Huez time trial.

Note the Hed ClipLite clip-on aerobars. Note yet another kick-ass Trek custom Livestrong paint for Lance.

Another note: Look closely at Lance's shifters. THESE look different. They look like something I saw on a SRAM-sponsored triathlete's bike recently... but cannot talk about. Yet. Alex, Please? Can I talk??? I'm champing at the bit over here.. I'll buy you a beer in Monaco!


CDanRun said...

That's a TTX fork, too. Looks like.

Anonymous said...

Umm.... Cyclingnews was blabbing about how those were the r2c shifters when they menionted them on Lance regular TT rig.

rappstar said...

Yeah, I'm not sure those shifters are much of a secret:

Jay Prasuhn said...

Shit! That's did I miss that? James is putting out new stuff every 30 minutes. The one I saw is the same, but with Zipp branding. Michellie has been running it for a while, with a cute little boxing kangaroo on it. Will have to update the blog with my pics of that.