Monday, June 2, 2008

Macca's call to arms for a friend...

I got this email from Emma McCormack, wife of our reigning Ironman world champ,
Chris McCormack. Given that Chris lost his mother, Theresa, to breast cancer in
1999, he has a true connection to making the fight against cancer known.

It took on a sudden urgency when his friend Dave Baigent, also a triathlete,
was diagnosed with cancer. So, he's getting word out to help out Dave and
Allana in this fight.

"Chris and I are trying to raise money for a very very special couple, Dave
and Allana they are very close Friends of ours and are very wellknown in the
tri and firefighter world.

Dave got the worst news ever that he has cancer. It is a very hard time
for them as anyone. We would like to help them out anyway we can. Allana
has had to cut back on
work to be there for Dave, as his treament is getting longer and more
intense due to the type of cancer he has chemo daily. He soon will
need to have radiation to the brain. We have put a fund together for
them to raise money to help them get though this time. If we can raise
$5000 the Talbert Family Foundation will match it for us. We are in the
process of getting a ABN for Australian tax deductions so it would be a
gift at the moment. If you are in the USA it is all set up for tax

For those who don't know Dave, he is often referred to as the
"Oldest Teenager in the job!" This is due to his active
involvement in any activity causing sweat, pain and requiring extreme
endurance such as Ironman triathlons, 24 hour relays etc. Many will also
be aware of the time Dave gives to anyone wishing to mend or tune their

Here's Macca and Emma's plea for help. Given that he is racing Ironman 70.3 UK
to donate the prize winnings to Dave, you can be he will be racing his ass off.
I don't care of Faris and Simon Whitfield showed up; I wouldn't be against Chris.

If you can help, please do so.


Hi everyone,

Many of you know Dave Baigent and many of you do not. If you are an Australian
triathlete you would know Dave from all the races around the country with his
smiling face, caring heart and absolute love of this sport and the people in it.
He is one of the souls of the earth and a very close friend of mine. Dave was
recently diagnosed with a Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma type T-cell cancer which is very
aggressive. The main tumor is behind his heart but the cancer has spread rapidly
into other parts of his body including his spine. The treatment required was
immediate and heavy and Dave has been hospitalised for most of the past 13 weeks
fighting this cancer. Cancer has forced Dave to have to leave his job as a fireman
which has put huge financial stress on his family. Dave a servied as Firefighter
for over 20 years he has also been there for the public.

Dave is an absolute fighter and is determined to beat this crippling disease. I
lost my mother to cancer in 1999 and have been a strong supporter of fighting this
disease ever since. In this time I was able to link up with the Talbert Foundation
in the Unites States. They are a non for profit organization who help families
raise money in this time of need and take off the financial burden that can cripple
them when a member of the family is struck by this disease. For the first time ever
they have been able to offer their organization to assist someone out of the USA.
I cannot thank Julie and Lloyd Talbert enough for their help here.

Anyway guys and girls, please help us all raise money for Dave and Allana. The
Talbert foundation will match dollar for dollar the first $5,000 we raise
so if you make a $10 donation that is really $20 and every single cent helps.
Our aim is to raise enough money so than Allana and Dave can focus only on fighting this
disease and not worry about anything else at this point in their lives. Everything raised goes
directly to Dave and Allana so please find it in your hearts to go past this website we have
set up for Dave and make a donation. I will be racing the UK Ironman 70.3 race for Dave and
donating my entire prize purse to Dave and Allana. I hope you all can help us in some way
make a huge impact on this family. They are just incredible and need our help now. For
people in the USA, this is tax deductable. For Australian residents, we are waiting to get
this set up should be done really soon. So it would have to be a gift for now.

You can make your donations through this foundation site we have set up.

If you have any questions please email or the foundation. Also
if anyone can donate any services to auction, that would be fantastic.

Thanks everyone,

Macca and Emma

Best of luck in the fundraising, but most importantly, best of luck to Dave in his fight.

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