Wednesday, June 18, 2008

New 2009 Scott Plasma: A video tour

If you look at the Short Interview video clips to the right, I have a new one at the top, showing the Zipp wheel. That Zipp is strapped to the new 2009 Scott Plasma. That Plasma is toured, front to back, by Scott Bicycles Marketing manager Adrian Montgomery.

I've cut down on some of my 'ums' and uhs'... I hope. I hope to be doing some interviews with some of the athletes here soon. It's be easiest if I do another with Belinda Granger. I can just say "go" and she'll do all the talking.

Meanwhile, here's some detail shots I took of the Plasma when Adrian visited Encinitas before I took off for Switzerland. I think this bike melds some great features from other bikes, while building in their own.. particularly in the chainstays and BB areas.

From my vantagepoint, it looks like it will give the Trek TTX and the Kuota Kueen K a run for being one of the stiffest through the bottom bracket. Montgomery didn't want to get into the comparison minutae against this or that brand, but he said the new Plasma is very favorable in the wind tunnel as drag numbers go, and ranks with the heaviest hitters. "We know now we're amongst the leaders in aero testing, and we know we've made marked improvements on our own design, Montgomery told me.

While this bike will represent Scott's top tri/tt offering, the existing Plasma platform will remain, for a lower price point.

While I know Lindsey Corbin is already aboard, I'll be curious to see who will be aboard this in Kona.

Take a look at the video, as Adrian gives us a look at the finest details on the new Plasma, including those stays, the new nice-and-thin downtube with a smarter aspect ratio than the previous iteration of the Plasma, the scalloped headtube as it sweeps back to the top tube, the clean frontal cable profile and that integrated fork. He did mention, in looking at the seat clamp close-up, that the seat can be moved forward to an effective 79 degrees of seat angle.

A new test ride is expected to arrive in SoCal in the next month. Enjoy the video tour of the Plasma with Adrian.


cassio598 said...

Um, there are no new videos dude. I checked with both of my browsers. Try again?

Jay Prasuhn said...

Not sure what to tell you.... it shows up and plays in the Short Interview videos to the right in Firefox and Safari on my computer...

taugen said...

Saw the video on YouTube, and have looked over the various images. Sadly, I'm not overly impressed with the changes from generation 1. I have a '06 Plasma, so, yes I can say this. I admit, there are some good ideas in gen2, but still some that make no sense (design wise). Biggest question, what's the weight of it?

runbike said...

love the bike, i want one ,how much,how light is it. it will preform and sell as well as anything out there, blind charlie can see that. well do scott i think you guys wont be able to keep up with orders. hope i can afford it :P